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Nardini's   Nardini's is probably the most famous ice cream parlour in Scotland. Their secret formula has remained a secret since it's creation in the 30's. This ensures that you just have to try it whilst you are here.
Pencil   In 1263 the battle of Largs was fought. This monument was created to commemorate that date. In September there is a Viking Festival for a whole week, with street markets and firework displays.
Largs Marina   Created in the 1990's this marina is a 'must see' attraction. It also it's own bar, restaurant, and cafe in amongst it's own shopping complex.
Seafront   Probably the most famous promenade in Scotland. How many people must have walked along this seafront and gone home with a smile on their face.
Kelburn Castle   Kelburn Castle is owned by the Earl of Glasgow, and the original building dates back to the 13th century.

In 1977 it opened as a country park. The long line of Earls have inhabited this castle longer than any other.

In 2007, The current Earl invited graffiti artists from around the world to create a most controversial artistic creation.

The iconic St. Columba's Church   Built in 1892, St. Columba's church is a memorable and prominent landmark in Largs.  The St Columba Experience is have developed an Audio Trail of all the historical areas of the local town. It lasts for around about 1 hour and using headphones and a handset, it takes you for a tour you'll never forget, including Barrfields and the Vikingar, Largs Railway disaster, and of course the Battle of Largs.
Isle of Cumbrae


  Only one mile from Largs Pier is the lovely Island of Cumbrae, with it's capital Millport.

The ferry only takes 10 mins, and with local cowboy and western festivals in August, it's always worth hiring a bike and travelling round this easily walked small island.